We offer top modern processes and solutions for different volumes, materials, complexities and applications.


We take care of your project from idea and CAD-design to prototyping and testing. We use softwares such as Catia and SolidWorks.


We are able to take your ideas into well functioning prototypes either in our workshops or together with external prototype manufacturers.

Laser cutting and Punching

Laser cutting and punching are made with latest technology machines. We work in mild steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium in thicknesses up to 10 mm.

Press bending

Bending and forming are made in CNC-controlled Press brakes and bending centres. Several of those are equipped with robots and auxilliary machines to further increase the efficiency.

Resistance welding

We have extensive capacity for resistance welding of nuts and other types of fasteners. Many of our welding machines are integrated into robotised cells which gives quality assured and disruption-free production.

Arc welding

We offer high capacity and excellent quality in our robotised welding cells. We can handle welding fixtures up to 4 m in length.

Powder coating

Our modern powder coating line with a six stage Oxsilan® pre-treatment ensures top quality and environmentally friendly paint finish on your parts.

Screen printing

Our Screen printing equipment prints up to six layers of fine texts and patterns directly onto the painted surface.


We offer quality-assured assembly of products in both high and low volumes. Special-purpose assembly machines are developed and built when required to assure quality and to minimise costs.


We communicate with our customers via EDI and make sure your products are packed and delivered to your specifications.